Clarinetissimo 2017 Report

Photo Album Clarinetissimo 2017

Video Clarinetissimo 2017: 50 Performance clips in 3 minutes

Some quotes

Frankie Hardy (BE)

Clarinetissimo is like coming in with a skoda, being surrounded by Ferrari's for 4 days and eventually  driving home like a mercedes!

Luis Miguel Moncayo Olivares (ES)

"Clarinetissimo 2017 has been an unforgettable experience for me. A very familiar and pleasant atmosphere, with many professionals with the same passions as you, make music and enjoy it. Super recommendend.

Joke van Loon (NL)

 "A festival packed with great musical moments; masterclasses, concerts, lectures, rehearsals and lots and lots of clarinet, in the friendly atmosphere of the conservatorium of Bruges."

Carlos Gonzalez Lazaro (ES)

  "Clarinetissimo Festival 2017 was one of the best experience in my life. It isn't only a festival where you learn about the clarinet. It's a festival where you meet the wonderful people who lives behind the teachers and the stundents"

Luis Castello (ES)

A sido un festival  fantástico,he disfrutado muchísimo ,espero poder volver a verte