Clarinetissimo 2015 Report

Photo Album Clarinetissimo 2015

Some quotes 

Sabine Schmitz (DE)

Great festival with loads of classes for everyone, several  times a day! It was a very nice atmosphere with people from many different countries. Great teachers and great new friends! I particularly liked the fact that all students played a lot in the concerts and that we played in the clarinet ensemble together with the teachers. It was so motivating!

Sheri L. Rolf (US)

At Clarinetissimo 2015, I worked with marvelous teachers, performed some great music, made wonderful new friends, got some much needed encouragement, ate (too much) fantastic chocolate, and best of all, I had FUN doing what I love most, playing the clarinet.

Hurry up, Clarinetissimo 2017!  I can't wait fast enough!

Betty Bley (USA)

Clarinetissimo 2015 was a fantastic learning opportunity!  Having two private lessons from each of six top European clarinet professors in four days was an intense and amazing experience.  The nightly performances helped us demonstrate the concepts we learned in our lessons.  It was really nice to spend time with such talented clarinet teachers and performers, and to see how much they cared about clarinet music and each other.  Everything was so positive and inspired me to be a better musician and teacher.  To do this in a city as beautiful as Bruges just before Christmas was icing on the cake.  Thank you so much for this great opportunity!

Stefan Staes (BE)

"Clarinetissimo is baanbrekend, omwille van mooie amicale en muzikale balans tussen professioneel, student en liefhebber. Ieder musiceert naar best vermogen, met diep wederzijds respect, samen op het podium, in het feeërieke historische kader van de orgelzaal en Brugse binnenstad. Clarinetissimo betekent dan ook een enorme boost in mijn enthousiasme en liefde voor de (bas)klarinet" Dank aan Hedwig en de ganse Crew! Cu op Clarinetissimo 17!"